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Shift Booking

Support Care

Shift Booking Made Easy!
Support Care Candidate Mobile App

Find Healthcare Shifts At Your Fingertips With The Support Care Mobile App

The Support Care Candidate Mobile App is powered by advanced SaaS technology, designed to help you as a candidate stay engaged with vacancies available with us.
As a registered Support Care candidate, you have powerful tools at your disposal enabling you to stay updated on vacancies, update availability instantly for day or night shift, view bookings & plan ahead, sign & mark timesheet on the mobile app itself.

The Support Care Candidate App powered by Logezy makes it convenient for you as a candidate so that you never have to miss a vacancy.
Instantly Apply For Vacancies

Candidate can apply for shifts with a click of a button. All vacancies published by Support Care will appear as notifications on the candidate app.


View bookings and update your availability and inform us through the Support Care Candidate App. All confirmed shifts of the candidate will be shown here.

Shift Allocation

Support Care allocates shifts through the mobile app, making it easier for you to be instantly updated.


As a candidate registered with Support Care  you are able to update your availability  through the mobile app such as E- Early, L- Late, N- Night and U- Unavailable.
Job Location

View job location on the mobile app itself with inbuilt maps feature.


Easily upload your CV, compliance and eligibility documents through the Support Care mobile app.

Document Expiry Notification

You will receive document validity expiry notifications automatically on your mobile app, reminding you to renew your documents on time.

Digital Timesheets

You can get the signature of the care home manager on the mobile device and submit the timesheet through the mobile app itself.

Three-Way Communication

The Candidate Mobile  App provides three-way communication. In addition to email, we also have a great Chat feature that helps you communicate with us at any time and get quick responses via chat and push notifications.


Normal hours: Mon-Friday: 8am to 5pm

Out of hours: After 8 pm 

Phone: 0203 488 3396

Shift cancellations

We require at least 24 hours notice for cancellation